Racism: Alive and Well in your Local Schools

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A reader sent me the following form.  For privacy purposes, their personal information has been redacted.

Are your local schools promoting racism?

Are your local schools promoting racism?

What’s disturbing about this form is that the reader’s local school system finds it necessary for parents to declare their children as a specific race.  WTF?

We’re spoon-fed a lot of rhetoric by the Government, mass media and idiot politicians about the evils of identifying people by their race.  There are even unnecessary Hate Crime statutes across the country which add penalties to crimes which are motivated solely by race. (crime is crime, folks)

Why then are the public school systems essentially teaching our children that aligning yourself with a specific race is not only important, it’s mandatory?

Note the line where the parent may (rightfully) opt out of identifying their child’s race – which, of course, in my opinion, is the only correct course of action.

Many parents, such as my reader, simply comply as a matter of habit – we’re indoctrinated from an early age to not question authority, but to submit to it blindly and without hesitation for fear of repercussions.

Note also that if the parent chooses to DECLINE to pigeonhole their child into a specific race category, at the very bottom of the form, there is a space for an ‘observer’ (a/k/a Stasi Informant) to identify the child anyway.

This is how your tax dollars are being spent, America.  Categorizing your citizenry into races, and then preaching to you repeatedly that it’s not important and that race should not be a factor in anything in our society.

Mixed message much?  Of course not.  The ‘confusion’ here is intended to exert control over the populous, while selectively using this data to tout social programs for the favored ‘race du jour’.

You’d be hard pressed to explain exactly why this data is necessary in a country where we’re teaching our children that all people are supposed to be equal.  If racism never dies in America, it’s because our schools teach it on a daily basis.


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